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Welcome to Milton Keynes Arabic Language Centre

Our aim at Milton Keynes Arabic Language Centre is to create an awareness and understanding of the Arabic language one lesson at a time. Our unique teaching strategies ensures that our students receive the best possible learning experience.

All our lessons are carefully designed and adapted to the development, needs, learning styles and interests of the students thus ensuring enhanced learning outcomes.

Parents Testimonials

I longed to study Arabic for sometime, but could never find good quality, reasonably-priced and local lessons until I discovered the Arabic Language Centre.
I would recommend the Arabic Language Centre’s well-structured lessons to anyone regardless of your level because they are taught by a very knowledgeable, experienced and understanding teacher within small, kind and supportive student groups.
I know that my talented teacher fully appreciates what a language learner goes through because she is multi-lingual herself, is extremely patient and I believe will help me to master Arabic.

+44 7908 770402


Old Bath House
205 Stratford Road
MK12 5RL