About us

Did you know that language learning plays a unique role in developing cognition, cultural
knowledge and literacy besides providing practical communication skills?

Our founding language educator is qualified to teach Arabic as a foreign language having studied 5 years Arabic and Islamic at Al-Azhar University, Egypt while also studying and teaching at various language centres in Madinat Nasr, Egypt as well as the British Council. She thereafter went on to Jami’a Fateh in Damascus Syria where she continued her studies in Arabic and Islamic studies while also studying at Damascus University and the Arabic Language Centre in Damascus where she trained to teach Arabic as a Foreign Language and was also given the opportunity to teach Arabic and English there. In between this she returned to London to undertake her Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English as foreign Language. She also spent time studying in Palestine with various scholars as well as at the Zarqa University in Jordan. Among her teachers were the late Sh.Tantawi, Egypt and the late Sh. Ramadan AL Bouti, Syria.

With over twenty years’ experience teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies it’s only fitting that MKALC is everyone’s go to training provider when it comes to learning Arabic as a second language. We have a solid grounding in the old sciences with new and innovative methods making language learning exciting and enjoyable.

Languages inform how we understand others and ourselves and are therefore not just a primary means of communication but the basis for our judgements. Hence languages are fundamental to nearly every aspect of our lives.

The benefits of language teaching for social inclusion should be more widely recognised. New research identifies Arabic as the fourth most important language for future job opportunities, after Spanish, Mandarin and French. But unlike the many secondary schools offering Spanish and French, and the government’s expansion of Mandarin over the past years, Arabic has received relatively little attention.

Our aim at MKALC is to create an awareness and understanding of the Arabic language one lesson at a time. Our unique teaching strategies ensures that our students receive the best possible learning experience. All our lessons are carefully designed and adapted to the development, needs, learning styles and interests of the students thus ensuring enhanced learning outcomes.